Born in 1975, Christophe grew up in the French area of Carpentras. By the age of 6 he had started to learn the Violin, and by 16 he had learnt how to play the harmonica. It was at this point Christophe realised he wanted to be a musician, his father already a well know Jazz Musician, it was only right that Christophe would follow in his footsteps.

As well as music Christophe has an excellent level of sports including tennis and skiing. His enthusiasm for sport came to a sudden stop when he was struck by a diease at the age of 16 which left him temporarily parylised, Christophe made the best of what he had and it was at this point he learnt how to play the harmonica and the acoustic guitar.

By age 21 Christophe had gained a Culture Diploma in Musical and Instrumental, and began playing harmonica sets in Piano Bars in the South of France.

Christophe made his debut TV appearance on a show called 'Graines de star', and was performing at over 200 concerts per year.

Influenced by artists such as Bob Marley and Tracy Chapman, his own music has a reggae, soul, blues style.

Christophe was spotted at one of his concerts and went to Paris in order to increase his career. Not long after he was signed to Warner Music, and obtained his role as 'De Monsieur' in Le Roi Soleil.

In 2007 Christophe released his album 'Mon Paradis'.


Christophe Maé,也就是因為之前看了Le Roi Soleil這部音樂劇。

【Monsieur 大親王】
  Christophe Maé

Monsieur 這個字相當於 Mr. 或招呼語 Sir 的尊稱,十六世紀後是法國國王次子或大弟的稱號。
這大概也可以解釋 Christophe 為什麼把公爵詮釋地如此俏皮,同時又解答他常送男舞者香吻的原因。



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