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It was to be one of the biggest science experiments ever seen yet there was not a bunson burner or test tube in sight. 
Around 1,500 students kitted out in waterproof ponchos discovered exactly what happens when you drop a mint sweet into a bottle of Coca Cola, in an attempt to break a world record. 

The students, from Belgium, tried to out-fizz the previous record for so-called Mentos fountains by simultaneously putting Mentos mints into bottles of the soft drink. 

The resultant chemical reaction shot hundreds of streams of carbonated soda into the air. 
The explosive record-breaking event was held in Ladeuzeplein square in Leuven, Belgium.


好好玩  :P

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  • mfh2007
  • 哈哈....這麼多人做實驗,真有趣,用黑松汽水做實驗會不會也會噴成這樣呢?如果可以的話,那水柱會是透明的比較好看,不會像泥巴水~
  • 透明不就像噴泉??
    偶爾該來點不一樣的挑戰 ~~XD

    Grâce (Léa) 於 2008/05/07 21:38 回覆