Nous voyageons pour chercher d’autres états, d’autres vies, d’autres âmes.

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Famous four: Holding the CD Abbey Road with Iain Macmillan's photo in front of the zebra crossing gives the impression The Beatles are there

Optical illusion: A souvenir mug showing the Victory Column, Berlin in front of the real thing in Germany

Mysterious site: A souvenir model Great Sphinx of Giza, in front of the historic statue in Eygpt

Tourist hotspot: Hughes holds a souvenir Eiffel Tower in front of the site in Paris

London icon: Photographer Michael Hughes holds a souvenir model Big Ben in front of the real thing

Surreal view: A souvenir fridge magnet of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

American dream: A coffee cup showing the Statue of Liberty replaces the infamous landmark

World in his hand: Hughes holds up a souvenir postcard of The Gateway of India in Mumbai

All aboard: A pencil case in the shape of a London bus appears to drive down the street

Iconic site: A brass pyramid paperweight in front of the amazing landmark in Cairo, Egypt

Picture perfect: A postcard of Schoenbrunn, Austria in front of the stunning building

Building bridges: A souvenir model is held in front of Tower Bridge over the river Thames in London


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  • shamusshoot
  • 這張照片真的太有趣了!!!
  • 我們都忽略了紀念品的價值了:P

    Grâce (Léa) 於 2008/10/18 00:09 回覆

  • oldniy
  • 好棒啊~!!
  • 看了就覺得好玩:P

    Grâce (Léa) 於 2008/10/20 22:33 回覆